Footwear Design & Development

steps in our process

Idea generation

We bring a fresh perspective to our clients' problems.
With our experience we know a new idea from a recycled one.
We offer a cost effective approach.

  • Phase I - We generate ideas quickly in rough sketch form.
  • Phase II - With our client's input, we focus on the best ideas and present them in a polished format.
  • Phase III - We prepare everything necessary to prototype the chosen designs.

Engineering & Specifications

  • We use the latest in material and component technology in designing products.
  • We provide detailed "tech packages."
  • We take care of mold and pattern revisions.

Renderings & Illustrations

  • We supply everything from initial sketches to finely detailed illustrations.
  • Our approach to design reflects our understanding of each client's need to carve out a niche.
  • We are committed to a process that enables our clients to make revisions before incurring the cost of prototypes.

Sample development

  • We work with suppliers here (in the USA) and abroad.
  • We work closely with some of the best suppliers in the Far East. Our familiarity with them helps ensure timely deliveries, correct pricing, and quality workmanship.
  • We negotiate pricing and provide detailed cost sheets.